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Dealer FAQ2021-11-02T07:44:07+00:00
Do I have to sign a contract for Dealer Hiring?2021-06-03T06:20:20+00:00

No. There are no long-term contracts, and you can cancel any time. If you pre-paid for services, we will give you a full refund of any unused portion of your payment.  Simply put, we expect to earn your business every day, not force you to continue to pay us if we don’t meet your needs.

How do I learn more about Dealer Hiring?2021-06-03T06:19:51+00:00

You can schedule a quick 15-minute demo. If you are currently hiring, you can take a free test-drive of our service by letting us work with you on that job for free.  We’ll show you exactly how our service works, immediately start generating high-quality applicants for your auto dealership, set up your hiring process, etc. at no cost and with no commitment on your part. Or, feel free to get in touch is whatever method suits you. We’re happy to talk and ready to help.

What is Dealer Hiring?2021-06-03T06:18:47+00:00

Dealer Hiring is a suite of hiring software that backs our Hiring Optimization framework that gets auto dealerships more applicants, better applicants, and ultimately helps them screen and hire the best employees for their sales, service, finance, and other departments. Dealer Hiring provides the ability to distribute job openings to hundreds of job boards like Indeed and CareerBuilder, centrally manage and communicate with applicants via email/SMS, screen applicants for necessary qualifications, assess their abilities before you ever schedule an interview and conduct interviews (in-person or remote via video or phone). Dealer Hiring’s unique 2-stage application increases the likelihood applicants finish their application and also offers concierge services like job ad writing/rewriting to help increase applicant flow.

What is is a hiring consultation and software company with more than a decade of experience helping auto dealers adopt better hiring practices. We believe that your employees are what can set you apart from your competition and that better employees begin with better hiring. In short, we teach dealers how to optimize their hiring process to find the best employees and we build hiring software that supports that hiring process.

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